R.K. Thakkar

Hello! I am a teacher at a blind school since the past 25 years and living a healthy life. Me and my family have been patients of Dr. Ketan Shah since the last 15 years. Today I got the chance to share….

Rajesh Chopra

Over the last 10 years, 90% of our family ailments are taken care by Homeopathy. Dr. Ketan Shah with his humble, serving nature & excellent diagnostic capabilities, have enhanced & consolidated our faith in Homeopathy. We love Homeopathy & wish this therapy….


My family and I have been consulting Dr. Ketan Shah for nearly a decade and we have been extremely satisfied patients. We sincerely acknowledge his professional ability to diagnose the problem and provide with accurate medication. My family and close relatives have….

Ricky Parikh

Hi Guys..I?ve been taking Homeopathy Medicines for my leg aches. I used to take the conventional medicines which seemed to work fine until I kept taking them. As soon as I stopped taking them my pain was straight back as it used….

Roma Mandal

How much I am thankful to the doctor for his homeopathic treatment, that is not possible for me to just say it in few words. It has absolutely solved all my problems. I had tried first and then conveyed this to my….

Rupal Vasavada

Hi all, My name is Rupal and I live in Bangalore. I consult Dr.Ketan shah for my 7 years old daughter Aneri since last two years. She used to have frequent cold, cough, running nose and eyes. She had three times urine….

Santanu Das

The controversy may continue to cover the pages of newspaper about the effectiveness of Homoeopathy over Alopathy but the success of any medical science speaks in its ultimate recovery from the disease by its patients. And there stands the success stories of….

Saumin Gandhi

I want to say a few things about homeopathy; since last 6 years, I have been using homeopathy treatment for my digestion & I must say that it has worked like a miracle for me. I am feeling so fine now about….

Smita Sharma

I have been in the treatment of Dr Ketan Shah from last seven years.Apart from treating my family for routine seasonal fevers n cough n cold he has cured my mother of vertigo n currently i am being treated for migraine.My family….

Swati Parikh

I have an incredible experience of Happy Homeopathy Cure. Since childhood I was always habituated to get quick allopathic relief. I had to start taking Homeopathy Treatment because of my husband?s deep trust in this type of medication. Initially, I found it….

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