Jayoti Das

Dr. Ketan Shah, apart from being a good doctor, is a good human being too. His gentle and caring behaviour towards his patients helps curing all the ailments. Me and my family wishes him good luck and prosperity for the future.

K Gokulraj

Hi, this is Gokulraj from Ahmedabad and I would like to share my experience regarding Dr. Ketan Shah & Happy Homeopathic Cure. I am a 26-year-old male and have been suffering from multiple chronic medical conditions, including a serious ear problem in….


I have been under his Homeopathy Treatment for the past two years. I was affected with dust allergy and would get cold very easily. I used Aerocat Rotacap two tablets daily. Dr.Shah promised me to solve my problem. I was treated with….

Kunwar Chand

I came to know about Dr.Ketan shah through his web site. I am suffering from urethral stricture and other problems. I was searching for good doctor who could cure my problems; Because I tried allopathic medicines but without any result. Through E….

Moin Munshi

I have an incredible experience of Happy Homeopathy Cure. Since childhood I was always habituated to get quick allopathic relief. I had to start taking Homeopathy Treatment because of my husband?s deep trust in this type of medication. Initially, I found it….

Parag Baraiya

Hello dear friends, I would like to share my experience with you. Few years back I was suffering with allergic cold/cough. I was getting allopathic treatment regularly for it. It gave me temporary relief, but could not give me long term solution…..

Payal Shah

I am a homeopathic doctor with 4 years of professional experience. When I was studding in 2nd year of BHMS, I had Jaundice and Bronchitis attack. As usual, I consulted a doctor and started Allopathic medicine. Allopathic cured the Jaundice and the….

Prakashbhai Shah

Hello! I am very much thankful to Dr.Ketan Shah and Homeopathy. I had Eczema few years back and was not cured by any medication. I switched over to Homeopathy and met Dr.Ketan and with his medication now I am absolutely fine. Now….

Pulkit Agrawal

I was suffering from 24 hour Urine Protein, but after consulting Dr. Ketan Shah and with his guidance, I was cured within a very short span of time and with his continued guidance I am able to avoid this situation further. He….

Quresha Maulvi

I am a very good example of your Homeopathic Treatment, because I feel very good with your diagnosis and your treatment. Your positive thoughts are really very helpful to make my hard life easy. I had a Gallstone problem and was suggested….

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