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India's 1st scientifically researched and clinically proven immune system modifier which is truly safe & non toxic.

Sysmune Drops : Immune System Modifier

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Sysmune is indicated to enhance the immune system in conditions where the immune system is debilitated.

Sysmune enhances immunity in the following
* Cancer
* Autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and others
* Sexually transmitted diseases
* Upper & lower respiratory tract infections
* Allergic manifestations of skin and other skin diseases such as herpes and psoriasis.
* In pediatrics, it can be used in cases of diarrhea, tonsillitis, sinusitis,          allergies, allergic asthma, and others.

Recommended Dose:

Adults: 1 ml under the tongue 4 times per day or as
prescribed by the physician
Children: 0.5 ml under the tongue 4 times per day
or as prescribed by the physician
Patients are advised not to eat or drink anything 30
minutes prior to and after use.

Directions to Use:
Vigorously shake the bottle 15 times before use. Hold
the medicine with one hand and hit the bottom of the
bottle against the other hand for 15 times.


Content Potency Conc. Aconitum napellus 20X 0.1 ml. HPI Apis mellifica 19X 0.1 ml. HPI Arsenicum album 17X 0.1 ml. HPI Asafoeda 20X 0.1 ml. HPI Baryta carbonica 20X 0.1 ml. HPI Bryonia alba 14X 0.1 ml. HPI Calcarea carbonica 20X 0.1 ml. HPI Conium maculatum 16X 0.1 ml. HPI Ipecacuanha 13X 0.1 ml. HPI Lachesis muta 18X 0.1 ml. HPI Lycopodium clavatum 20X 0.1 ml. HPI Pulsalla nigricans 13X 0.1 ml. HPI Rhus toxicodendron 17X 0.1 ml. HPI Ricinus communis 14X 0.1 ml. HPI Silicea 18X 0.1 ml. HPI Thuja occidentalis 16X 0.1 ml. HPI Veratrum album 20X 0.1 ml. HPI In aqua disllate q.s Alcohol content 5%


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