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R 76 Drops

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Constitutional asthma-therapy.


As prolonged cure "Asthma forte" has a favourable influence on the constitution of asthmatic dispositioned persons. Aconitum: Stabbing pain in the chest, feeling of anxiety, thanatophobia, cough gasping and dry, sensation of constriction of chest. Ammi visnaga: Circulation disorders, cardiac affections. Convallaria majalis: Marked respiratory distress, auricular flutter, stabbing pain in the chest. Drosera: Asthma convulsivum with cyanosis and vomiting. Kalium jodatum: Conditions of weakness of curative forces. Lobelia intlata: Asthma bronchiale, spasmodic cough. Dyspnoea, disorder of breathing, asthma thoide bronchitis, asthma bronchiale. Mentholum: Reliefs breathing. Stramonium: Sensation of constriction within the chest, wheezing respiration.


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