Zandu Chyavanprash

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Its high Amla content, a rich source of Vitamin C together with other nutritional herbs helps in building body resistance against common ailments like cough and cold, weak digestive system & promotes all round physical and mental health.


Chyavanprash (Avaleha) is prepared from: Amalaki (Fresh fruit) 156 parts, Ghrta 12 parts, Madhu 6 parts, Iksu (Sarkara) 146 parts, Quath dravya: Dashmoola 10 parts, Astavarga (Pratinidhi) 8 parts, Agaru, Vasa, Bala (mool), Svetacandana, Ela, Guduci, Haritaki, Sati, Karkatasrngi, Draksa, Kamala, Jivanti, Masaparni, Mudgaparni, Musta, Pippali, Puskara, Raktapunarnava, Vidari, Kakanasika, Tamalaki 1 part each, Prakshepa dravya: Vamsa (Vanshlochan), Chaturjata 4 parts each, Pippali 2 parts, Lavanga 0.5 part.


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