Yogananda Flower Essences-Alomond

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Almond is the essence for self-control in all parts of our lives. This quality, unfortunately, is not a high priority in our culture where consumerism and materialism are so seriously valued. And yet what a priceless tool for well-being is discipline! Self-control means, simply, that we consider a choice of action rather than being bound to a reactive mode by the subconscious mind.

Almond, then, gives us greater awareness in our choices. In the relationship arena of sexuality, our self-control is a gift we can give to our partner. Sex has two distinct purposes-procreation, and communicating love. With Almond’s attitude of “how can I serve you” instead of “what’s in this for me,” the sexual act becomes purified of self-seeking and self-gratification, and thus infinitely more beautiful and fulfilling. We are not body-bound slaves to our senses, says Almond- we are Spirit.

Almond also encapsulates the quality of moral vigor and stimulates that same quality within us. Do you want the power to rebound vigorously from every setback in life? To live more in your center? Don’t think of the crunchy quality of the nut but of the soothing, spiritual influence of the oil pressed from almonds.

And what of stress from the sense that there are not enough hours in the day-don’t we all have twenty-four? In the positive Almond state, we are able to view our time differently-to be more in the present moment, calmly completing each task. “I took Almond for tension that created pressure and tightness in my diaphragm,” Ursula said. “In thirty minutes, it was gone.”

Robert, too, shared a helpful Almond story: “1 recently had to go to the dentist to have an area worked where a filling had fallen out. I took almond and did the affirmation. I noticed I was able to relax deeply while in the chair. Though the area being drilled was sensitive from an exposed nerve, I was able to remain calm and detached from the sensation.”

Almond is also an excellent remedy for dancers. Yogic tradition speaks of being ”centered in the spine,” that place in the astral body from which our energy radiates. Dance, when most beautiful and pleasing to the eye, emanates from that center. Here is Sita’s testimonial after an East Indian dance performed on three consecutive nights:

“I felt a lot of anxiety before dancing. I didn’t know the right thing to do in order to help myself stay centered, so I started taking Almond a week before the performances. It was an incredible experience how much it helped me, first to be focused on everything that I did. I saw that I was doing everything I needed to do, but not from an emotional state-more coming from my spine. This helped me to feel what it is like to be ‘in the spine.’ The day of the first performance, I was very centered. I didn’t have any anxiety. I was even surprised-the last time I’d had so much fear. My hands and feet had been very cold and I had stomach pains. Taking Almond is like a magician giving you something. Every time I took it, it transformed me. Almond helped me to do a perfect job, a perfect performance.”


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