Vitamin-D Plus Tablet

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Information about Bakson’s Vitamin D Plus Tablet

Nutritional supplement
A health supplement in the form of multivitamin with a special focus on Vitamin D.
Vitamin D is used for preventing and treating Rickets, a disease that is caused by not having enough vitamin D (Vitamin D deficiency).
It is also used for treating weak bones (Osteoporosis), bone pain, bone loss in people with a condition called Hyperparathyroidism and in inherited diseases in which the bones are especially brittle and easily broken.
It is also used for preventing falls and fractures in people at risk for Osteoporosis.
Vitamin A, B, C E have multiple functions in maintaining health including growth and development, maintenance of the immune system, healthy skin and good vision.
Recommended for: Health supplement for strong bones, boosts immunity and aids convalescence.
Suitable for all age groups.
Dosage:1 tablet, once daily.

Use under medical supervision.


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