Stodal Cough Syrup

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Stodal cough syrup is clinically proven cough syrup and effective in dry and productive cough. Stodal treats irritating cough caused by infection or smoking, nasal and post nasal mucous discharge and also useful in spasmodic cough. Stodal cough syrup helps in facilitating recovery from cough & wheezes and thus avoids usage of antibiotics. Stodal cough syrup is well suited for all age groups and can be recommended as a daytime cough syrup.

Clinical trial:
A double blind placebo controlled clinical trial conducted by Dr. Vijay K. Singh, Patel Chest Institute, New Delhi, in 100 patients. With Stodal significant improvement was seen in dry and productive cough, wheezes associated with cough, changes in color of phlegm from purulent greenish to white and conversion of spasmodic cough to frequent single coughs. It also relieves, morning cough in patients of bronchitis, upper respiratory tract infection like laryngitis, pharyngitis and sneezing.


Pulsatilla 6
Rumex crispus 6
Justicia adhatoda 6
Ipecacuanha 3
Spongia tosta 3
Sticta pulmonaria 3
Antimonium tartaricum 6
Hyoscyamus niger 6
Coccus cacti 3
Drosera rotundifolia Q
Ephedra vulgaris Q
Piper nigrum Q
Zingiber Q
Ocimum sanctum Q
Polygala senega Q
Balsum tolu

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  2. 5 out of 5


    It is also known SMOKER’S Cough syrup

  3. 5 out of 5


    Stodal cough associated with layngitis,Bronchitis and tracheitis.

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